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kitty sitting

Cat lounging in window sill. All he needs is a view of a birdfeeder!

Yes, we take care of cats too!!  We love cats of all kinds, descriptions and sizes. Despite what many folks believe, cats do like human contact but they interact and demonstrate their love of humans  in a different manner. We love the challenge of getting a shy kitty to come out and say hello whether from a distance or up close and personal.

We know cat behavior and cat body language.  Before entering your home we spritz our clothing kitty sittingwith Cat Calming Spray by Nature’s Miracle.  We avoid direct eye contact with your shy cat and give her time (sometimes over several weeks or months) to come to us instead of us encouraging her to play. We go about our business putting out fresh water and food, washing food and water bowls, scooping her litter box and doing the routine house chores including rolling your garbage and recycle bins to the curb and collecting your mail and newspapers. 


If your cat hides we will check his favorite hiding places (under the bed, behind a chair or wherever you told us to check).  We get a visual on your cat every day to make sure he or she is ok. Then we sit quietly in your den or living room to give your cat an opportunity to check us out. 

Kitty sitting

Hiding under the dining room table is cool.










If your cat is allowed treats we put a few out in the places he is most likely to find them (near the food bowl, on his favorite elevated perch or on her bed). If you cat is responsive to cat nip and is allowed cat nip we refresh his favorite toy and leave those out for him to play with after we leave. That gives your cat the interaction and exercise she needs to keep her joints agile, to keep the excess fat at bay and to have some fun!!  

Coddle Creek Kitty Sitting Services

Our name starts with “Dog Walking” and ends with “& More.” We are so pleased that kitty sitting is the primary part of “& More.”

  • Put out fresh food
  • Refresh water bowls
  • Wash bowls
  • Monitor food intake to assure cats are eating enough
  • Monitor litter boxes to assure cats are eliminating normally
  • Scoop litter box
  • Search inside the house for those shy kitties that may be hiding (to assure they are well)
  • Play with kitties who enjoy play time
  • Light brushing for kitties who enjoy being brushed
  • Quiet companionship for kitties who do not want to play or do not enjoy being brushed
  • Oral medication administration for cats that are not difficult to pill
  • Administration of topical medication for cats that are not overly resistant
  • Insulin injections for cats that are compliant with diabetes management


Coddle Creek Kitty Sitting Fees and Kitty Sitting Visit Frequency

  • $22 per visit for 1 to 2 pets  (approximately 30 minutes)
  • $25 per visit for 3 or 4 pets  (approximately 45 minutes)
  • $30 per visit for 5 or 6 pets  (approximately 60 minutes)
  • Kitty sitting fees per visit are the same as for other pets in your home. If you have 1 to 2 pets we charge $20 per visit. If you have 3 or 4 pets we charge $25 per visit. If you have 5 or 6 pets we charge $30 per visit.
  • We require a minimum of one visit per day for cats, birds and small caged pets. If you have cats and no other pets and will be gone longer than 5 days we recommend two kitty sitting visits per day or longer visits. 

If we visit your home multiple times per day to provide care for your dogs we will also make sure we see your cats on each visit, interact with them in the manner they prefer, check their food and water supplies, monitor their elimination patterns and  scoop their litter boxes. Cats count too!


Coddle Creek Kitty Sitting Service Area

To best meet the needs of the pet families we serve, we are only able to accept new clients who reside within an eight mile radius of our location at 1365 Coddle Creek Highway, Mooresville, NC 28115. This generally includes anyone residing in:

  • Mooresville zip code 28115 – All of this zip code
  • Mooresville zip code 28117 (Hwy 21; Brawley School Road as far as Harbor Point Shopping Center; Hwy 150 as far as Morrison Plantation Parkway area; all of Langtree Road; Cornelius Road as far as Sisters Cove)
  • Mount Ulla – within 8 miles of our location
  • Davidson –    within 8 miles of our location
  • Cornelius – within 8 miles of our location


Why Choose Coddle Creek Professional Kitty Sitting Services?

  • Cats are creatures of habit
  • Cats prefer their own territory
  • Cats don’t travel well
  • Being in an unfamiliar environment and exposed to strange sights, sounds and smells is stressful for cats
  • Cats feel most secure in their own homes
  • Being confined to a “cat condo” in an exceptionally small space limits your cat’s ability to roam throughout the house
  • Contrary to popular opinion, cats do like to have humans around and are unsure what is happening when suddenly no one is home
  • Cats are clean creatures and detest using a dirty litter box…so may go “out of the box”
  • The kid next door or your trusted neighbor may forget to check on your cat
  • A professional pet sitter will make kitty sitting visits at least daily
  • A professional pet sitter will monitor the litter box for appropriate elimination of waste
  • A professional pet sitter will monitor your kitty’s food intake
  • A professional pet sitter will interact with your cats in the manner they enjoy
  • A professional pet sitter will bring in your mail and newspapers
  • A professional pet sitter will water your houseplants
  • A professional pet sitter will roll your garbage and recycle bins to and from the curb as needed
  • A  professional pet sitter will send you daily updates to assure you that your cat is doing well
  • A professional pet sitter has an emergency plan in place
  • A professional pet sitter carries business liability insurance and is bonded
  • A professional pet sitter engages regularly in ongoing training
  • A professional pet sitter has been trained in Pet First Aid and CPR
  • Pam Bennett-Johnson speaks eloquently about the benefits of a professional kitty sitter
  • Pet Sitters International explains why hiring a professional pet sitter is the best option
  • National Association of Professional Pet Sitters explains the benefits of hiring a professional pet sitter

Kitty Sitting

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A Few of the Cats We Know and Love

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Curious Cat