Financial Assistance for Pets

Financial Assistance for Pets

For Beth, the phrase, “once a social worker, always a social worker,” applies.  Over the years I worked in an assortment of agencies that addressed a wide variety of social issues.  Often times an underlying stumbling block to resolution was simply the lack of resources (translation=$$).  Often times as a social worker I was aware of resources that were not well know to the public. Well, the same thing holds true for the pet owning public. We have adapted lists from various sources to let you know where you might go for help with saving the life of your ill pet, getting your pet spayed or neutered, getting a fence built for your outdoor dog, or obtaining food for your pet.  We hope this list of financial assistance for pets will be helpful.

Please note that most of these nationwide organizations are not able to act quickly in an emergency and do have formal applications for you to complete.  It is not unusual for them to request that you apply for Care Credit and submit your approval or denial letter along with your application.


Humane Society of the United States

Nationwide Options


Coalition to Unchain Dogs

Do you know of a dog that is living out of doors and tied to a chain?  If so, you may be a powerful advocate for getting that dog “off the chain.”  This organization works with willing owners to get the dog spayed or neutered, build a fence,  provide a dog house and hay for the ground.  Eventually many of the recipients choose to allow their dogs to live indoors after they learn what a pleasure it is to be around their happy dog. It is a win-win situation.  Check them out.