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Coddle Creek Dog Walking   –  $22.00 for 30 minutes

Time includes walking/play time/leashing/fresh water/treat/note to owner

  • All breeds, sizes and ages of dogs benefit from daily exercise.
  • We offer dog walking geared to the needs of your dog.
  • You may schedule walks from one to five days per week (Monday – Friday) between the hours of 9:30 AM and 3:00 PM.
  • Most clients request 30 minute visits but we also offer 45 minute visits.  ($25.00)
  • While at your home we give your dog fresh water and any treats you specify.
  • Your dogs must walk nicely on a leash.
  • We recommend that you provide a harness for the safety of your dog and for the safety of your dog walker.
  • We highly recommend the Easy Walk Harness, the Freedom No Pull Harness and the Gentle Leader.
  • We do not use retractable leashes, prong collars, pinch collars or e-collars on dog walks.
  • If your dog pulls excessively we are happy to recommend books on training and local positive reinforcement trainers that can teach you how to teach your dog to walk nicely on  leash.
  • We are happy to provide positive reinforcement with your dog while following the recommendations of your positive reinforcement trainer.
  • We are happy to do special activities with your dog to exercise their brains and give them mental stimulation while at your home if the weather is not conducive to a long walk.

 Coddle Creek Vacation Dog Sitting Services –  Fees start at $22.00 per visit

Did somebody say peanut butter?!?

Did somebody say peanut butter?!?

  • Feed dog at specified meals
  • Refresh water bowls
  • Wash bowls
  • Monitor food intake to assure dogs are eating enough
  • Pick up dog waste generated during our visit
  • Play with dogs who enjoy play time
  • Light brushing for dogs who enjoy being brushed
  • Quiet companionship for shy dogs who do not want to play or do not enjoy being brushed
  • Oral medication administration for dogs that are not difficult to pill
  • Administration of topical medication for dogs that are not overly resistant
  • Insulin injections for dogs that are compliant with diabetes management

Coddle Creek Vacation Dog Sitting Fees and Dog Sitting Visit Frequency

  • $22 per visit for 1 to 2 pets
  • $25 per visit for 3 or 4 pets
  • $30 per visit for 5 or 6 pets
  •  We require a minimum of three visits per day for dogs that do not have access to a securely fenced in yard via a doggie door.
  • We give your dogs lots of TLC, feed your dogs their breakfast and dinner meals at the first two visits of the day and visit them for a tuck in visit for that all important “last call” potty break.
  • While at your home we water house plants, rotate your lights and drapes, roll your garbage and recycle bins to and from the curb and bring in your newspaper and mail.  Our presence gives your home a “lived in” look.
  • We firmly believe that dogs are members of the family and deserve to live inside the house with the other members of the family.  Therefore, we do not provide services for families with “outside only” dogs.

Coddle Creek Service Area

To best meet the needs of the pet families we serve, we are only able to accept new clients who reside within an eight mile radius of our location at 1365 Coddle Creek Highway, Mooresville, NC 28115. This generally includes anyone residing in:

  • Mooresville, NC zip code 28115 – All of this zip code
  • Mooresville, NC zip code 28117 (Hwy 21; Brawley School Road as far as Harbor Point Shopping Center; Hwy 150 as far as Morrison Plantation Parkway area; all of Langtree Road; Cornelius Road as far as Sisters Cove)
  • Mount Ulla, NC – within 8 miles of our location
  • Davidson, NC –    within 8 miles of our location
  • Cornelius, NC – within 8 miles of our location

Why Choose Coddle Creek Professional Pet Sitting Services?

  • Dogs enjoy being in their familiar environment with sights, sounds and smells they recognize
  • Some dogs do not interact well with dogs they don’t know
  • Dogs enjoy being able to roam around inside their “castles” instead of being locked in a crate in an unfamiliar environment
  • A professional pet sitter will interact with your dogs in the manner they enjoy
  • The kid next door or your trusted neighbor may forget to check on your dogs
  • A professional pet sitter will make dog sitting visits at least three times per day
  • There is no risk of picking up contagious illnesses from other dogs that are boarded
  • A professional pet sitter will monitor your dog’s appetite and elimination habits
  • A professional pet sitter will bring in your mail and newspapers
  • A professional pet sitter will water your houseplants
  • A professional pet sitter will roll your garbage and recycle bins to and from the curb as needed
  • A  professional pet sitter will send you daily updates to assure you that your dog is doing well
  • A professional pet sitter has an emergency plan in place
  • A professional pet sitter carries business liability insurance and is bonded
  • A professional pet sitter engages regularly in ongoing training
  • A professional pet sitter has been trained in Pet First Aid and CPR
  • Pet Sitters International explains why hiring a professional pet sitter is the best option
  • National Association of Professional Pet Sitters explains the benefits of hiring a professional pet sitter


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