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Currently Seeking Two Part Time Employees

  • We are flexible and creative in developing a work schedule that best meets the needs of clients of the business while also respecting the needs of employees.
  • We need two additional employees who can each be scheduled 4 weekdays each week and two weekends each month. Currently the only weekday available as a regularly scheduled day off is Tuesday or Wednesday.
  • All employees MUST share in responsibility for holidays. (Premium pay for holidays as assigned).
  • There are no guarantees regarding the number of visits scheduled.  This is determined by the bookings we have.  Newly hired employees typically have fewer bookings than current members of the team during our slow season. If a new employee outshines a current employee in ALL aspects of the job there is an opportunity to have a greater number of bookings.
  • We provide services in the following time blocks:
    • breakfast 7:00 AM – 9:30 AM
    • morning  9:30 AM – 11:30 AM
    • midday    11:30 AM – 3:30 PM
    • dinner      3:30 PM – 6:30 PM
    • tuck in      8:00 PM – 9:30 PM
  • All employees MUST be available for all time blocks on the days scheduled to work unless prior arrangements have been made with management. 

Compensation and Benefits

  • Pay commensurate with pet sitting industry
  • Annual vacation bonus (average of one week of pay for the year)
  • Covered by unemployment insurance
  • Covered by worker’s compensation insurance
  • Protected by business liability insurance and bonding
  • Additional pay for visits made on company observed holidays
  • Employee (not independent contractor) so business handles state & federal tax withholding

Intangible Perks of the Job

  • Opportunity to walk dogs, get exercise and be paid for it
  • Opportunity to build relationships with cats, dogs and other awesome pets
  • Provide care for  clients who love their pets and treat them as members of the family 
  • Frequent praise and thanks from clients 
  • The joy of seeing a shy kitty warm up and be eager to meet you when you enter their home
  • The delight on a dog’s face when he gets a regular walk
  • The reward of helping a pet when you notice something seems “off” about their pet
  • Mentoring from business owners
  • Frequent and genuine praise/appreciation for a job well done from business owners

The Ideal Candidate

  • Is looking for part time employment to supplement other family income or retiree pay (Typical maximum gross pay per month ranges from $450 to $700)
  • Does not need/want full time employment
  • Is at least 21 years of age
  • Is in excellent health and is an upbeat happy person
  • Is able to pass a civil and criminal background check and drug screen
  • Has a valid NC Drivers License
  • Has reliable transportation that is properly tagged, inspected and insured
  • Truly likes animals and enjoys spending time with them
  • Has genuine love and respect for animals
  • Has pet care experience with dogs or cats 
  • Understands and “reads” cat and dog body language
  • Has a smart-phone with excellent cell service available to use at work
  • Is able to learn the pet sitting software we use
  • Pays attention to details
  • Can follow written instructions of the pet guardian
  • Agrees to respect the confidentiality of our clients
  • Agrees to follow force free practices with the pets in our care
  • Able to use sound judgement in emergency situations
  • Is honest and of the highest integrity

Location Location Location

We provide pet care services to pets residing in

  • All of Mooresville 28115
  • Portions of Mooresville 28117 (all of the Langtree Road area, all of the Hwy 21 and Hwy 115 areas, Brawley School Road as far as Harbor Point Shopping Center and River Road (Hwy 150) as far as Morrison Plantation. 
  • Near by areas of Cornelius (East of the diverging diamond intersection at exit 28)
  • All of of Davidson, and
  • Near by areas of Mount Ulla (As far out Hwy 801 as Mount Ulla Elementary School).
  • We continue to grow our client base in Mooresville 28115 but employees must be able to drive to all of the areas we currently serve. We do not reimburse mileage. Employees must reside in the service area.


  • Team members provide pet sitting services for cats, dogs, birds, fish, small caged pets & backyard chickens.
  • Team members provide loving interaction with cats, dogs and other pets.
  • Team members assure the well being, safety and active engagement of the pets in our care, scoop litter boxes, sweep up around litter boxes, dispose of used litter in appropriate garbage receptacle, walk dogs in neighborhood or actively play with them in the yard and/or home, actively engage with cats, pick up dog waste and dispose in appropriate garbage receptacle, clean up “accidents,” thoroughly rinse containers of canned or “wet” pet food cans and dispose in recycle bin, wash food & water bowls at least daily and dispense food, water & treats per instructions of the pet guardian.
  • Team members provide dog walking services. This includes walking dogs with pet guardian owned equipment or company owned equipment.  We do not use aversive or dangerous tools (shock collars, prong collars, pinch collars, retractable leashes).  
  • Team members walk dogs in a variety of weather conditions (hot temps, light to moderate rain for the entire designated time,  cold temps, sunny, windy, breezy, etc.). We do not walk dogs for other than a brief potty break in dangerous conditions (thunderstorms, hail, ice, extremely high heat index or extremely low wind chill). Sometimes the work is uncomfortable.
  • Team members review their schedules on a daily basis to check for additions or cancellations.
  • Team members thoroughly read the entire pet and family profile prior to making their first visit with that family.  On subsequent visits, team members read the last several notes to determine if there are any modifications to the care provided.
  • Team members take good quality photos of the pets on visits to send to pet guardians along with a progress report at each visit.
  • Team members show up for visits on time and spend the entire scheduled time with the pets.



  • Team members receive an additional $5.00 per visit holiday pay for each visit made on holidays as follows.
  • New Year’s Eve
  • New Year’s Day
  • Good Friday
  • Easter Sunday
  • Memorial Day
  • Independence Day
  • Labor Day
  • Veteran’s Day
  • Day before Thanksgiving
  • Thanksgiving Day
  • Day after Thanksgiving
  • Christmas Eve
  • Christmas Day
  • Day after Christmas
  • All team members can expect to work a portion of each day of each of the major winter holidays including  the day before Thanksgiving, Thanksgiving Day, day after Thanksgiving, Christmas Eve, Christmas Day and day after Christmas. Every effort is made to accomodate the personal schedules of each employee, provided the care needs of all clients scheduled are properly met.
  • All team members can expect to work the week of July 4.
  • Team members are assigned on a rotating basis for other holidays.  For instance if you are off on Memorial Day, you will work on Labor Day.  If you are off on good Friday you will work Easter Sunday.  If you are off on New Year’s Eve you will work on New Year’s Day. Time off on Veterans Day is dependent on the number of bookings we have.
  • We prefer team members who have flexibility to cover for owners during a 10 day period each Spring and Fall so that business owners can take a much needed break without closing the business during those times.
  • We invite you to Join Our Team!!  Thank you for your interest in employment as a member of the Coddle Creek team.

Team Leaders

join our team

Billy and Beth Harwell


join our team

Lulu with “Aunt Beth”

join our team

“Uncle Billy” comforts Angelo










Team Members

Pet Sitters / Dog Walkers

Kimberly Doyle
My name is Kim Doyle. I was born and raised in Cornelius NC.  In 2009 I met my future husband & best friend Jason. We were married in April 2011 and moved to Mooresville. In 2012 we adopted our first fur baby Chloe & in 2015 we adopted Duke. Both our fur kids have special needs and we are blessed to be able to provide what they need.

From December 2003  until May 2017 I was  blessed to work in two outstanding veterinary clinics. During much of that time I also did hobby pet sitting “on the side” like many employees of veterinary clinics do.  

While employed in veterinary clinics my duties  included direct care in the veterinary kennels, front desk check in/check out, and direct care with clinic visits.  I coaxed those reluctant fur babies to leave their parents to go the “back” where we weigh them, take urine and fecal samples, and all those other unpleasant things the pets generally don’t like.  If you have a somewhat frightened pet you know how challenging that can be!!  Through it all I remained focused on reducing their fear and keeping them as comfortable as possible.

I  assisted the veterinarians with their examinations of multiple species of pets.  Probably my most favorite clinic duties were when I assisted in medical procedures and in surgery.  The canine and feline bodies are amazing and it was a wonderful learning experience!

I joined the professional Coddle Creek Team of outstanding pet sitters and dog walkers in November 2016 while I also worked full time in a local veterinary clinic.  In May I was able to reach a point that I could leave the veterinary clinic setting and concentrate on pet sitting and dog walking on a more comprehensive basis.  I LOVE the pets we take care of and enjoy getting to know them on an individual basis.  It’s such a thrill to see a pet every few months and to observe how relaxed and comfortable he or she is around me.  It’s so easy to fall in love with your pets.  I am also learning a great deal about the administrative tasks of operating a pet sitting service.

My ultimate goal is to operate an in home boarding business from my home.  I am so lucky that the Coddle Creek Team Leaders recognize there is no “one size fits all” of pet caregiving.  They are supportive of my goals and eager to someday be able to refer clients to me for in home boarding while they continue to provide outstanding care for cats, dogs, birds and small caged pets in YOUR home.











Dog Walkers & More at Coddle Creek, LLC

Pet Sitter / Dog Walker Job Description

Position Description

The Pet Sitter/Dog Walker provides necessary care in the client’s home for companion animals (dogs, cats, birds, small caged pets, fish and backyard chickens) as requested by the companion animals’ owners/guardians.

Major Areas of Responsibility

Major areas of responsibility include:

  • Accompany business owner on initial or follow up consultations with the companion animal and his/her owners/guardians
  • Follow directions in the pet sitter software (Time to Pet) to assure that companion animals are taken care of in the manner specified by the owners/guardians of the companion animal
  • Feed companion animals the type, brand and amount of food on the schedule specified by the companion animals’ owners/guardians
  • Refresh water on every visit
  • Wash food and water bowls at least daily (after every meal if companion animal is fed canned or raw food diet)
  • Scoop kitty litter boxes on every visit to a home with cats
  • Sweep or vacuum clean around kitty litter boxes at least daily
  • Clean cages of small caged pets as specified by the owners/guardians of the small caged pets
  • Take  dogs on walks for the duration and frequency specified by the dogs’ owners/guardians
  • Pick up dog waste while on walks or while playing with dogs in their yards
  • Interact with all companion animals in a manner consistent with the needs of the specific pet (talk, pet, brush, play, etc)
  • Play games of fetch or do nose work with dogs as time on the visit allows
  • Play games of “cat and mouse” with cats as time on the visit allows
  • Administer oral or topical medications as prescribed by veterinarian or supplements as directed by guardians/owners
  • Bring in mail/newspapers on a daily basis
  • Alter lights and window treatments as specified by the home owners
  • Water house plants as specified by the home owners
  • Clean up any messes companion animals or you may make inside the home
  • Write note after every visit to communicate with home owners and co-workers  who may be doing other visits
  • Take photos as time allows
  • Send email to companion animals’ owners/guardians (with copy to business owner) after every visit
  • Administer first aid if pet is injured while on your visit or appears injured upon your arrival
  • After administering first aid contact business owner for instructions and follow up with companion animal’s owners/guardians as instructed by business owner
  • Respect confidentiality/security of companion animals’ owners/guardians by never releasing any information to neighbors, friends, relatives, etc that would indicate the home owners are away from home
  • Respect the confidentiality of companion animals’ owners/guardians by never telling your friends, family members, or anyone any details about the client including names of home owner, names of pets or addresses of homes
  • Re-set security alarms if home owners have specified that you do so
  • Lock doors upon leaving the homes
  • Maintain security of home owners’ keys with the locking devices supplied by pet sitting business
  • Make all visits alone with no one waiting in your car or anywhere on the premises of the home owners
  • Exercise good judgment and contact business owner with any concerns about the safety and welfare of the companion animals or security of the home
  • Other duties as assigned by business owners

Primary Objectives

  • Provide excellent care of the companion animals, meeting their physical, emotional, mental and social needs
  • Provide peace of mind for the owners/guardians of the companion animals
  • Communicate clearly with the owners/guardians of the companion animals and with the business owner
  • Promote the value of the services provided by Dog Walkers & More at Coddle Creek, LLC

Required Knowledge, Skills and Abilities

  • Broad knowledge and experience in working with cats, dogs, birds, fish tanks, small caged pets and backyard chickens
  • Specialized knowledge and experience in working with cats or dogs from personal ownership/guardianship of cats or dogs or paid employment with companion animals in a veterinary or shelter environment or  volunteer experience with companion animals as a foster parent with a dog or cat rescue organization or shelter
  • Able and willing to learn about other species of companion animals
  • Love of dogs and domestic cats of all sizes and breeds (other than hybrids)
  • Willingness to learn specifics about the care needs of all companion animals including but not limited to body language and cues given off by cats and dogs, a variety of harnesses and collars for dogs, and positive reinforcement for cats and dogs
  • Willingness to provide care for birds, fish tanks, small caged pets and backyard chickens
  • High degree of empathy for the feelings and needs of all companion animals
  • High degree of empathy for the feelings, concerns and needs of owners/guardians regarding their pets especially when entrusting you with the care of their pets
  • Excellent communication skills in verbal and written form
  • Legible handwriting
  • Flexibility
  • Excellent ability to follow directions
  • Able to use company provided tablet to read visit requirements and check off visit is completed.
  • Able to take photos with tablet and send in email to client.
  • Able to participate in Pet Tech Pet First Aid and CPR course taught by business owner within first 90 days of employment

Required Personal Traits

  • Age 21 or older
  • Very good health
  • Reliability, honesty, integrity and excellent judgment
  • Ability to meet the physical demands of the job including walking, lifting, bending and stooping
  • Ability to drive in daylight or night conditions, sunny or rainy conditions and snow
  • Drug Free and able to pass pre-employment drug screen
  • Able to pass criminal and civil background checks
  • Possess valid NC Driver’s License with safe driving record
  • Safety and security conscious

Necessary Personal Equipment

  • Reliable vehicle with insurance, tags and inspection up to date
  • Comfortable shoes for walking dogs
  • Comfortable clothing for walking in varied weather conditions (hot, humid, raining, cold, etc)
  • Cell phone to communicate with company owners and pet owners


  • Due to the bonding that occurs between companion animals and pet sitters, please only apply if you are able to commit to a period of at least 6 months. This request is not intended to change the traditional relationship of employment at will.
  • If you meet all the above requirements please complete the preliminary job application on line.
  • If we are currently accepting full applications and believe you might be a good fit for our business, we will notify you by phone and will forward the complete application package to you


  • Compensation is competitive with other pet sitting businesses. If we  contact you by phone we will discuss compensation further at that time prior to sending you the full employment application package.
  • All our positions are part time as needed and are not suitable for anyone who must have full time employment wages.
  • We provide additional compensation for visits made on company holidays.
  • We provide one week of paid time off after one year of employment. Leave request must be made at least two weeks in advance and must be at a time that will not negatively impact clients or other team members .
  • We approve unpaid time off when leave request is made at least one week in advance and is at a time that leave will not negatively impact clients or other team members.
  • We provide all necessary supplies (hand sanitizer, Nature’s Miracle products, dog waste pick up bags, leashes and harnesses, paper and forms for notes, company Android tablet (for business use only, paper towels, etc.)
  • Team members have the option to purchase dental insurance under the company plan at company group rates.
  • We do not have plans to expand our service area but we continually increase our client caseload within our service area, thus there is opportunity for additional days on the schedule.
  • We pay all the typical employer costs (employer share of SS and FICA), worker’s compensation, unemployment compensation insurance, business liability insurance and bonding.
  • We provide pet first aid and CPR training at no expense to the employee and the employee is paid for the hours in such training.
  • We pay for one hour of continuing education per month in the format of assigned reading.
  • We do NOT reimburse mileage, provide uniforms. or other forms of insurance.