Our goal is to give you peace of mind about leaving your pets behind when you go out of town.  These comments from our clients indicate that we meet that goal. Take a look at some of our reviews and see for yourself.

Needed my 60lb collie let out for walks while we were away.  I’ve used Beth and Billy’s dog walking services several times now for my female collie and never had anything but a good experience. My dog is 60lb, but typically very skittish. But she took to them right away. Beth and Billy are very conscientious of an animal’s needs and dog lovers themselves, so you can trust your pet is in good hands. My boyfriend’s work schedule is such that we typically can’t plan very far ahead and are prone to taking fishing or mountain day trips on very short notice, with need for someone to let my dog out while we are away. Beth and Billy are always quick to respond and work you into their schedule. The pricing is also very reasonable, and they even notify you once the walk is complete for extra piece of mind and leave a note after each visit about how your dog did. I recommend them to anyone looking for a reliable person to check in on your pet when you cannot.  Taryn P. on Angie’s List


Billy and Beth are great!!! I was hesitant to call anyone to watch my “little buddy”, Beckham, but after talking with Billy I had no reservations. I got detailed reports of each visit along with a text and Beckham did great with him. Very affordable rates and reliable. You can tell how much they adore animals. I will call them again when I need this service!    Jay H. on Google+



These people are angels! The best thing for your pets when you are away is to have a friendly face take care of them in their own home – not in a crowded unhealthy cage at some kennel. Bill and Beth have been wonderful for us and I would highly recommend them. They really care about the pets in their charge and go overboard in their service. They even send use text messages with pictures daily to let us know our dogs are okay (although that might be just for us…).  Dave B. on Google+



They took care of six pets, watered flowers, turned heat on and off, collected mail, communicated with us and family. They played with and communicated with the crew. They went out of their way to make us feel secure with detailed communications and pictures of our pet family. 

We came back to a happy bunch of pets, well cared for but missing us. The house was secure and neat. Litter pans fresh. Food and water tended. Mail on the table and a very concise record of what went down while we were away. 


While we were gone we received important updates and questions. Pictures and reassurance that our pets were being entertained and loved. It took a lot of stress off the traveling.
Bill and Beth are mature and very professional. Highly recommended.        Don B. on Angie’s List


In home pet sitting, four visits, fed and watered the dogs, let them out to play/potty and cleaned up puppy accidents.  Such a pleasant experience. In home consultation, Billy won my husband over with his professionalism and I loved receiving text updates after every visit. Came home to happy pups and a clean house!   Jennifer T. on Angie’s List


Fed and played with cats. Changed litter boxes  Turned lights on and off to make house look lived in.  Gathered mail/paper.  Watered plants, picked vegetables from small garden.  Service was excellent.  Pets were happy and well care for on our return.  Highly recommend!  Cathy T. on Angie’s List

 Provided daily care for my 2 special needs senior dogs while I was on vacation. This included twice daily feedings, medications and potty clean up. Beth and Billy are the absolute GREATEST! The entire situation was nothing but a pleasure from beginning to end. My initial contact was via phone with Beth. We had an in depth phone conversation about my needs. From there, paperwork was provided describing their services and exactly what I would need from them, as well as a quote and an on site “meet and greet” appointment. The next step was the actual meet and greet, which went superbly and they were hired for the week long service at that time. 

I knew from the moment Beth walked in my house this was going to be a special adventure. I have 2 special needs/high maintenance senior dogs. One of them, Rhiannon, is diabetic requiring twice daily insulin injections along with some additional oral meds for hip dysplasia. The other one, Hobo, is having some behavioral issues where he has decided he will no longer potty routinely in the yard, but rather does so in the house (mostly on wee wee pads, but sometimes not :(, even though I have a doggie door with 24 hour access to the yard. It’s very frustrating for me, and I was afraid that type of behavior was not something a service would want to deal with. But I was wrong, thank goodness!

When Beth arrived, once we said Hello to one another, her focus was immediately on my two dogs. She spoke to them in a calm, gentle manner and let them check her out before moving further into the house. They were at ease with her in a minute. Her husband Billy, arrived about 5 minutes after Beth and the same thing occurred. His immediate attention was to my dogs as well.

It seems to be almost impossible to find boarding facilities that will do medicine injections so I went the route of finding a service to come to my house and I am so glad I did because I found Beth and Billy. Even though I had filled out all of the paperwork in advance (feeding schedule, medicine schedule, confinement restrictions, etc), we went over every single bit of it in person. 

As I have only ever had 2 other people inject my dog (besides the vet), I was extremely nervous about someone new doing it. The second of the two people who had ever done it before made me very uncomfortable as Rhiannon would not be still, yet the person kept trying to “chase her” to complete the injection. That was the one and only time that person ever did it. During our phone consultation, Beth and Billy offered to come watch me give Rhiannon her shot, even though it would be later in the evening than their regular visit schedules. (I had my dog on a 10am/10pm schedule at the time which can easily be adjusted up or back a few hours with enough advance notice.) However, I asked them if they would like to “practice” with me there using saline injections – as this is how the vet taught me. I got the OK from my vet to do this, got the saline from the vet and both Beth and Billy got to inject her with me there. It went SO WELL! Rhiannon is a very good dog when it comes to getting the injections so I wasn’t completely surprised about how well it went, but it really did seal the deal on my final decision to hire them.

I’m not sure exactly what has changed, but my potty challenged dog is now doing much better about going outside. Beth and Billy reported this progress while I was gone, and since I’ve been home, I’m seeing the same results. Maybe they “dog whispered” him into going where he is supposed to!

Beth and Billy are also extremely security conscious. They mentioned issues I had never thought of, made it very clear that if anything looked awry during their visits, they would contact the police. It was required to give them a list of folks who would be accessing my property/house (like lawn care, housekeeper, friends/family) as well as list of emergency contacts. They provide a complimentary “notify the neighbors” flyer that can be distributed so the neighbors know exactly what their vehicles look like and that type thing. Again, something I would never have thought of!

We even discussed my end of life wishes for my dogs, given they are seniors, should anything horrible occur while I was gone and any type of action be required before I could get home. I really appreciated that because not being prepared for something like that is very scary. I thought I was going to lose my diabetic dog when she was first diagnosed 9 months ago while I was out of state working and had not thought of end of life accommodations prior to that. It was comforting to know that Beth & Billy would be there for my dog if I couldn’t, should a terrible event occur.

Beth and Billy provide daily logs of activities performed, as well as texts. They sent photos of my babies so I could see all was well. They even send little “movies” of my dogs “talking” to me via a cute talking pet app!

When I returned home, everything was in it’s place and clean, my dogs were happy and all is well.
I will DEFINITELY use this service again, and have already recommended to a family member. “Aunt Beth” and “Uncle Billy” are the absolute BEST! Dog lovers at their greatest and I thank them immensely for taking care of my babies. Hunter S on Angie’s List


My Aunt Beth does a great job of scaring off the coyotes so I can P.  Moose B.  in email  “Go Eagles!”