April is All About Pets

April is All About Pets

April provides lots of opportunities for education about issues important for the health, safety and general well being for our pets. Some of the topics can be a little overwhelming so we recommend you think globally and act locally on the issues all about pets of the most importance to you.

April is all about animals

Beau was a happy dog!!

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Animal Cruelty

Animal Cruelty takes many forms ranging from being tethered or “tied-out,” dog fighting, puppy mills, animal hoarding, factory farms, horse slaughter, greyhound racing and cock fighting. Take the time to educate yourselves on all of them.  Then choose the one that you can impact locally.  Our animals are counting on you.

Pet First Aid

Hopefully you will never have to use the skills you learn in pet first aid, but it’s very reassuring to know you could do the right thing in an emergency. Our next Pet First Aid and CPR class is scheduled for May 21.

April is All About Pets

Trooper is a muddy boy

Heartworm Disease

When we fostered to adopt Trooper he was heartworm positive.  His elderly owner just did not know about heartworm disease so did not protect him from it. Trooper had to endure three very painful injections and remain very inactive during the two months of crate rest.  We rejoice that today he is an active fun loving Springer boy. Now he enjoys digging and gets frequent trips to the dog shower!

Prevention is very easy…just give your dog the monthly pill prescribed by your veterinarian or the injection that provides protection for a period of 6 months.  Trooper assures you it is worth it and he will happily undergo his prevention shot two times a year to avoid ever having to have treatment for heartworms again.


Lyme Disease

Lyme Disease is transmitted by infected ticks.  The primary symptom is recurrent lameness due to joint inflammation. Sometimes kidney damage also occurs. Diagnosis can be difficult but once diagnosed can be treated with antibiotics. There is a vaccine but its use is somewhat controversial.  It’s best for your dog to avoid deer tick infested areas. Always check your dogs for ticks after they have played outside. Another great option is to regularly use a flea and tick preventive. We like the Seresto collar. Although it is initially expensive, the protection lasts for a full 8 months so is quite cost effective.

Here’s a demonstration of properly removing a tick from your pet.

 Greyhound Adoption

Greyhound racing is one of the forms of animal cruelty we mentioned earlier.  There are seven states that still allow this so called sport. Fortunately a great deal has been done to ban the practice.  In the meantime there are multiple rescues that assist “retired racers” with finding forever homes.

Meet Cal the Greyhound.  He says he’s ready for a long term commitment!

Special Weeks All About Pets

Most people don’t know that dog waste i.e. poop is a health hazard to humans, pets and the environment.  Besides, who wants to step in dog poop whether in your back yard, on the trail in the park or in your own front yard where someone else failed to pick up after their dog!?!

The work of animal control officers and staffs is physically demanding, sometimes dangerous and often heart breaking.  Consider taking this opportunity to let your local animal control staff know how much you appreciate them.

No one plans for their pet to go missing. Unfortunately though, it does happen. While prevention is best, your dog or cat will most likely be returned to you if he is wearing a collar with identification including your name and phone number  Microchips are incredibly helpful too, just be sure to keep the information updated if you move or chanf=ge your phone number.

As a retired licensed clinical social worker with a great deal of experience in child welfare I clearly see a theme running through these issues.  I have long known the link between physical health and mental health. Likewise I have seen in action the link between cruelty to animals and cruelty to humans.


Special Days All About Pets

all about pets

  • April 8    National Dog Fighting Awareness Day
  • April 10  National Hug Your Dog Day
  • Hug that dog, unchain that dog, don’t make that dog fight.



Healthy physical, emotional, mental and social lifestyles are closely linked. We encourage you to take the time to interact with your dogs, cats, birds or other pets. Curling up with a cat on your lap can be very relaxing and go a long way to reduce your stress level.

Walking with your dog will improve your physical and mental health and that of your dog.This activity also strengthens the bond between you and your dog. Spending time in nature is restorative for the soul.  And did you know you can also teach your cat to walk on a leash?


In addition to having our pets micro-chipped we need to make sure they wear collars with ID in the event they ever go missing. We have previously shared tips to keep your pet from getting lost andtips for finding your lost pets.  ID tags and microchips are key components in getting a lost pet home.

We hope April is a great month for you and your pet family!!

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