I Love FaceBook Pet Pages

I Love Facebook Pet Pages

Today, I am stepping out of the role of business owner and stepping into the role of human being. One of the ways I relax is playing around on Facebook.  I am obsessed with cute pet pages.  I follow a wide assortment of them. Most are puppy mill survivors and 2nd up are pages from dogs that have been rescued via some other rescue organization.

I don’t remember how I first came across National Mill Dog Rescue (NMDR), but am so glad I did.  Reading those stories and seeing those pictures ignited my passion for the plight of dogs kept for the purpose of breeding.  I had no idea of the awful conditions the breeder dogs were kept in.  Nor did I realize the role the Amish play in this despicable “puppy farming” practice.  National Mill Dog Rescue has an extensive Facebook page that provides education on all aspects.

Anyone who spends much time on Facebook or any other social media pages is sure to know there are lots of heartbreaking stories. When the topic is pets, emotions can often be quite intense.  Sometimes the humans behind the pet pages become quite involved in drama. When that happens, I just have to back away.  Those are the times I’m not so certain that I love Facebook Pet Pages.

Happily, there are numerous wonderful Facebook Pet Pages that have found the just right combination of keeping it real, providing education and also spreading joy.  In fact there are so many positive FaceBook pet pages that we would be here all night if I blogged about all of them.

Tonight I want to focus on two such pages that are experiencing hard times and could use our financial help and prayers.

 How They Are Linked

Harley is a puppy mill survivor who was adopted by Dan and Rudi Taylor.  Dan and Rudi own two small businesses in Berthoud, Colorado. Dan and Rudi do an incredible amount of volunteer work rescuing dogs on behalf of NMDR. Harley’s Facebook page is an inspiration.  Dan and Rudi’s love  for Harley and his fursibs is tangible. I learned from Harley that mill dogs live in wire cages and never get out.  The puppy mill owners hose down the cages with firehoses to clean the cages without taking the breeder dogs out.  That’s how Harley lost an eye.


In addition to their rescue work, Dan and Rudi foster a lot of dogs for NMDR.  Sunshine was one of those dogs. Sunshine was adopted by a lovely family in Michigan and is now known as Princess Ava Bisou.  Ava has a sister named Mia Bryant Beddard. Mia and Ava bring joy and laughter to thousands of people every day.  Their humans have big hearts and do a great deal to raise awareness about the plight of senior dogs that are dumped and about puppy mill breeder dogs. Their humans are the epitome of family.  Their daddy is self employed in a small business he owns.

Princess Ava Bisou

Princess Ava Bisou



Mia Bryant Beddard

Mia Bryant Beddard


Why I Feel Connected

  • First of all because they are both such genuinely nice families.
  • They have “spoken” to me for quite a long time.
  • I am a retired social worker and know that these are the kind of people our world needs more of.
  • Both these families are small business owners.
  • I grew up in a farm family.  You can’t get more small family owned business than that.  My paternal grandfather set out the first apple orchard in Lincoln County, NC.  My father and uncle followed in my grandfather’s footsteps. I remember the lean years.
  • My husband’s maternal grandfather was a self employed plumber.  Again, small business. My husband’s parents started and operated a small independent finance company.  Billy also remembers the lean years.

OK, so those are the purely simple reasons.  But it gets much more personal than that.  I am a cancer survivor.  When you read the story about Mia and Princess Ava’s humans you will see the connection.  And, on July 4, 2000 my beloved Daddy took his own life.  When you read the story about Dan and Rudi’s oldest daughter you will understand.

Friends of Dan and Rudi have set up a YouCaring Fund for their son in law and grandchildren. I have set up a YouCaring Fund for Ava and Mia’s humans.  I urge you to visit the links and give prayerful consideration to helping these two families in their times of need.  I also ask for prayers for God’s healing grace, mercy and peace for these two families.  Thank you for your consideration.

Helping Princess Ava Bisou and Mia Bryant Beddard

Here is what I had to say about Princess Ava and Mia’s humans.


Ava and Mia do so much for others and now they are in need. I love this family for so many reasons: 1. They are always positive. 2. They consistently advocate for adoption of seniors and eradication of puppy mills. 3. They don’t get caught up in FaceBook pet page drama. 4. They are kind. 5. They share information appropriately. 6. They value family.

As many of you know, their Daddy is self- employed. Their Mommy is a long time cancer survivor. And recently their Daddy had very serious surgery for cancer. While he is recovering and unable to work they have no income. I have been given permission to post and ask for support if you are able and so moved. If you are able to help you may make a contribution to their YouCaring Fund.

No, I don’t know them personally. However, I am a retired social worker and have “just a little bit” of experience in assessing character. Princess Ava and Mia bring me enormous joy every day with their posts. I still have such fond memories of their Olympics a few years ago. Watching Ava run down the snow tunnel was so exciting and I watched it over and over. Princess Ava Bisou has 6,292 followers. Mia Bryant Beddard has 4037 followers. I know that many of us follow them both, but that is still a heap of people. Imagine how much difference we can make in their lives with just a tiny bit of effort in their time of need. For instance if every one of us (conservatively 6, 292 people) each gave just $1.00 there would be $6, 292.00. Or if we each gave $5.00 there would be $31,460. OMD OMD, OMD!!! Or as Princess Ava Bisou says, Wow Wee, yippee skippee.

Do the math any way you want, but please consider helping them out. I know there is no tax deduction for this, but seriously, how many of us will miss $5.00 next week? Thanks for any consideration for helping this precious family in their time of need. Sincerely, Beth Leatherman Harwell

Helping the Family of Harley’s Human Sister

Harley’s human sister (Rudi and Dan’s oldest daughter) lost her life to depression.  Here is how a friend of the family described Samantha.


My name is Mary and I am a friend of Harley’s family. They’ve asked me to let you know they are keenly aware of the outpouring of love and support from Harley’s friends over the loss of their daughter Samantha. Your thoughts, prayers and kind expressions of sympathy mean more to them than you can imagine.

Suffice it to say, this is a time of immense and unbearable sadness for the Taylor family. Samantha suffered with depression her entire life and, during the last 3 years, also suffered with a crippling illness called Dystonia. In spite of these difficulties, she fought hard to enjoy her life and make every birthday, holiday and Christmas count for her children … and let them know they were loved beyond measure.

Sam touched so many lives in such amazing ways. Always there for those in need, she created fundraisers for people she didn’t even know, took people into her home when floods swept through the area, and had great compassion for the homeless. She always kept food, water and other supplies in her car to distribute at a moment’s notice. Sam was creative, funny, and just plain amazing. She loved her children and family more than anything … and, of course, she loved her dogs. In fact, when she adopted her beloved dog Lolo last year, she went to the shelter and asked for the most unadoptable dog they had. Out came a 14-year-old Husky mix who had been discarded by the only family she’d ever known … and she became a cherished member of Sam’s family.

Many of you have asked how you can help. A fundraiser has been established to help Sam’s children in the days and months ahead. Her husband, Aaron, is a self-employed carpenter who has already been facing challenges during these difficult economic times. If you so desire, please click on this link and contribute what you are able … no amount is too small:

 Finally, I know the question remains, “How is Harley doing through all of this?” Harley is doing great and the vet was pleased with his test results, including the biopsy that was done 10 days ago … so all is well. He is surrounded by family and enveloped in love, as are Olive, Riley, Cricket, and Stella. There is no shortage of laps and love.

Sam is missed terribly and has left an indescribable hole in the lives of all who knew and loved her. On behalf of the entire Taylor family, thank you from the bottoms of their hearts. You are a true blessing to them during this unspeakable time. heart emoticon


You see folks, it’s about a lot more than the fact that I love Facebook Pet Pages.  It’s about life & love. Please help Princess Ava Bisou , Mia Bryant Beddard  & Harley

About Beth Harwell

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  1. Wonderful story and thank you for writing this. I am also a huge supporter of NMDR , Harley, Ava , Mia and their wonderful families (and all the other little furbabies too on FB!). I donate what I can to support this work and their families. Totally adore them all, and so happy to be part of their network on FB.

  2. Linda Jackson says

    Beautiful article. I have been following Harley, Mia and Ava. They are all special fur babies along with their humans. I have learned so much about the puppy mills since following these and other furry Facebook friends. I don’t think I could find more caring, loving, selfless people anywhere else. I have a deep respect for all those that work so hard to make life much better for so many. I read, post, laugh and cry because I consider these little dogs my best friends and I love them all to the moon and back. Will be making donations very soon. I try to help as much as my limited income allows. I am blessed and want to pay it forward. Bless you and yours. Thank you for the story.

  3. Toni Miller says

    Thank you for sharing the back story. I am newly retired myself and have been following Best Friends and thru them learned of NMDR, then Harley, Teddy and Lee, the one and only, and Peanut the Wonder Dog,who fights cancer… I feel so connected with all these animal families. Even tho I volunteer in MI for rescue groups I’m seriously thinking of moving out west so I can totally donate my time and small talents. In fact planning to drive out end of April to explore housing options and area. This is my passion..and am motivated to make whatever time I have left on earth to helping move the cause forward. Bless you all for the work you do….

  4. Judy Zeidler says

    Thank you for your love and compassion for these dogs and their humans. The puppy mill survivors on Facebook and a visit to NMDR has fired my passion to help these dogs. I just got my first foster Breeder survivor. She is 7 years old and very special. My dogs and I are helping her to learn how to be a dog.

  5. There are so many wonderful and caring dogs (and dog-people) with facebook pages and I appreciate so much that you took the time to spotlight Ava, Mia and Harley. Having rescued and fostered Ava (my little Sunshine), I personally know and love Sonnie and Marcel – so I can honestly say that they are amazing, kind and generous people who work tirelessly to help anyone in need. And of course Harley is magical and tremendously special. Our family is healing and the love and support of Harley’s friends (people like you) have played a huge part in that. Thank you again.

    • Thank you Rudi. Peace, love and healing to you and your family.

    • Princes Ava Bisou says

      Foster Mommy Rudi- It’s funny, because we all feel the same about you, foster Daddy Dan, Harley and the entire pack! Your tireless work to help Puppy Mill dogs (like me) is nothing short of AMAZING!!! I sure hope you are OK and that I get to see you again real soon! I love you!!! <3

  6. Sylvia (Prin Mariposa) says

    Thank you for sharing this story.I follow all these pages and furriends.Animals are my passion and i hope to see the end of puppy mills in my lifetime.I can;t say enough about the wonderful things National Mill Dog rescue and PapHaven,and others do to save these precious lives.Rescuers are the unsung heroes of our time.God bless You All <3

  7. Lara Marek says

    Hi I follow all of your pages along with The diary of Bella, Colwyn’s Adventures, Forever Husky and I too am starting my own small business training my dogs catahoula mixes Mac n Macie to be ESAs under the name Lara Marek’s Purrfect Pet Pals. I just want to thank all of you!!! High Paws for an animal loving nation! 🙂

  8. Annette Rojas says

    Thank you for sharing this whole story. I have a lot of furends on Facebook and I have learned so much about breeders and puppy mills.

  9. My name is Gary Daley and my furkid is Lee,The One and Only on Facebook
    Thanks for featuring Mia Bryant-Bedard and Princess Ava Bisou, they are wonderful little dogs doing big things, with a heart of gold!

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